Since 1949 Gaunt Industries has been the choice for Plastic suppliers, Aquarium builders, and Sign Manufacturers.  Companies and DIY crafters use Epoxy products such as Weld-On along with our precision products to complete projects with quality results.  Whenever a precision amount of liquid is required in a specific area, we offer the right products.

We're now offering Americana Acrylic Paint made by DecoArt.  Now our customers have the opportunity to purchase our Precision Applicators along with the Acrylic Paint they need- together.

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Gaunt Industries- Our Story since 1949

In 1949, Ed Gaunt, a young tool and die maker, invented the world's first hypodermic lubricating tool. He designed the precision instrument for use on his personal HO model railroad layout. The Company’s original advertising slogan asks: “Does your locomotive drool? Use Hypo-Oiler as your very best tool!”

During the 1950’s the original concept of the pocket lubricator began to grow.  Gaunt Industries began to sell a full line of products with different size needles and bottles.  Many of America’s top companies would use the applicators on assembly and production lines.

With the advent of plastics in the 1960’s, many craftsman found that the HYPO-200 and HYPO-25 were perfect tools for bonding plastic signs and display cases.  Then during the 1970’s the art world discovered that using acrylic paint in the HYPO-200 would produce a wonderful fine line for sketching, painting, and calligraphy.

In 1983 the business was passed on to Bill Gaunt, the inventor's son, insuring the intrinsic values and the quality of products would continue.  Throughout the business expansion of the next two decades that plan was carried out.
As the new century dawned, art clay crafters and decorative acrylic tile professionals found that the HYPO-49 and HYPO-65 were exactly what they needed to create outstanding designs on their custom art projects.

From the assembly of the first HYPO-OILER on our kitchen table, back in 1949, to our continually expanding facility in Franklin Park, Illinois – Gaunt Industries is still committed to selling quality PRECISION products at competitive prices. We take pride in our superior service through the principles of honesty, fairness, and going the extra mile.

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