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Gaunt Industries was founded in 1949 offering one applicator product to Hobby Train enthusiasts that wanted to place a precision amount of oil in a specific area.  Since then we've been working with our customers from a wide range of Industries, helping them find ways to apply a desired amount of liquid in a precision manner.




We're now looking to build our Hobby Shop Online Store with products that are specific to Hobbyists, Artists, Crafters, and DIY customers.  Currently we offer over 150 combinations of Precision Hypodermic Needles with Plastic Bottles and Syringes.  As we continue to discuss new ideas with our Customers, we'll be adding products to our Online Hobby Store.



The NEW Flow Through Paintbrush Applicator.  With a modest squeeze on the plastic bottle, your favorite paint or liquid will "flow Though" to the brush and applied to the project.  Available with 2 ounce and 4 ounce soft squeeze bottles and the option of a Red Sable brush (as shown) or a White Synthetic brush.  Click on photo to purchase.




Gaunt Industries HYPO-25 is one of our most popular versatile Precision products. Customers like the soft, easy to squeeze bottle when applying a drop or fine line of paint, oil, adhesive, or epoxy.
Liquids used for Precision Application: Weld-On Solvent Cement, Cyanacrylate adhesives, & Tap Plastics Acrylic Cement
Uses: Model making, Aquaruim Building, Plastic Bonding, & Acrylic Painting



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Gaunt Industries will continue expanding our reach to International communities, wherever a precision drop of liquid is needed.