Since 1949 Gaunt Industries has been the choice for Plastic suppliers, Aquarium builders, and Sign Manufacturers.  Companies and DIY crafters use Epoxy products such as Weld-On along with our precision products to complete projects with quality results.  Whenever a precision amount of liquid is required in a specific area, we offer the right products.

Gaunt Industries HYPO-25 is one of our most popular versatile Precision products. Customers like the soft, easy to squeeze bottle when applying a drop or fine line of paint, oil, adhesive, or epoxy.
Liquids used for Precision Application: Weld-On Solvent Cement, Cyanacrylate adhesives, & Tap Plastics Acrylic Cement
Uses: Model making, Aquaruim Building, Plastic Bonding, & Acrylic Painting







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Shipping to our loyal customers Worlwide including the following Countries:


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Gaunt Industries will continue expanding our reach to International communities, wherever a precision drop of liquid is needed.